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    Limited Edition 01. Spolia with Francois Gustin. Vienna. photos (c) Spolia

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  2. Sneaker store in Melbourne by March Studio features tunnel-like interior

    A circular doorway provides access to a passage lined with shoes at this futuristic sneaker store in Melbourne by local designers March Studio

  3. BIG awarded $335 million to improve Lower Manhattan storm defences

    Danish studio BIG has been granted $335 million to upgrade Lower Manhattan’s storm defences, as one of six winners in the Rebuild by Design initiative to revive parts of the USA struck by Hurricane Sandy

  4. Glass panes form transparent labyrinth by Robert Morris

    Giant panes of glass form the walls of this triangle-shaped maze at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City by artist Robert Morris.

  5. Spark incorporates giant screens into faceted shopping centre façade

    The folded facade of this retail complex in Fuzhou, China, by architecture firm Spark, is made from colour-changing aluminium panels and integrates giant advertising screens

  6. Renzo Piano designs glass “organic creature” to house Pathé Foundation

    These photographs show the bulbous form of Renzo Piano’s almost-complete Fondation Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé, which nestles within a Parisian urban block.

  7. Timber pavilion by h2o Architectes stands like a “guardian” over a French vineyard

    Angular timber volumes emanate from the centre of this wine-tasting pavilion in France by h2o Architectes

  8. London apartment by Inside Out Architecture features chunky concrete beams and columns

    Concrete ceiling beams and columns have been exposed during the renovation of this central London apartment by local studio Inside Out Architecture

  9. The Ravelijn Bridge by RO&AD Architecten

    In former days, the Ravelijn was supplied from the city with small rowing boats. The concept of the bridge is, to let the bridge follow the original track of these boats, so the bridge echoes the former route the boats followed from the city to the fortress

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  10. Australia’s Newest Footbridge by TCL, Aurecon & TZG 

    A new $40m pedestrian bridge has recently opened in Adelaide, providing a vital connection between the city’s highly visited Adelaide Festival Centre, Adelaide Railway Station and the recently redeveloped Adelaide Oval.

    (via: http://worldlandscapearchitect.com)

  11. Edge Effect by Snohetta

    Within the narrow threshold between boreal forest and field exists an environmental condition that enables a particular set of species to colonize, thriving on the effect of two contrasting environments side by side. Edge Effect places a circle of steel between forest and field to create a series of variable experiences related to being on the edge.

    (via: http://worldlandscapearchitect.com/)

  12. A Star Wars Invasion of France Imagined by Legoland

    French creative Mattheiu Latry has imagined what would happen if the city of Lyon was subjected to a Star Wars-style LEGO invasion from The Empire.

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  15. Kate Moss’ Left Breast Used to Shape Champagne Glass

    A London restaurant has created a Champagne coupe from a mould of British model Kate Moss’ breast.

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